Do you have elderly parents you are concerned about?

Here are some free & cheap tips that can help:

  • Ensure their house number is very clear, large & reflective for Emergency Services, we recommend 1 number on their letterbox and another number at the front door.  We recommend something like this from Bunnings, at just $3.05 each.
  • Ensure they know their nearest cross street (the next intersection closest to them – especially handy if they live on a longer road or street).
  • Have an outside light at your front door.  If there is someone available when you hear or see emergency services approaching, flick this light off and on, so you can be quickly and easily spotted.
  • Ensure they know when & how to call 000. A lot of elderly people sometimes think they shouldn’t call, when it really is an emergency.  See below picture for more information.
  • Have an Emergency ID Spot Care Information Kit or Emergency ID A4 Medical & Emergency Information Form on their fridge, beside their bed, in their bag, and anywhere else’s you think is appropriate, the more places the better. That way if emergency services attend they can quickly & easily gain important medical & emergency information, without the patient or others having to remember detailed information about medical history, allergies, medications being taken, current doses, relatives phone numbers etc etc.  They are only either $3.95 or $9.95 so a very simple & affordable solution.
  • Put an Emergency ID Wallet Information Card in their wallet or purse, it also holds medical & emergency information. Also very affordable at just $4.95.
  • If they have any pre existing medical conditions, special needs, communication difficulties or allergies, have them wear Emergency ID on them 24/7, advise them not to take it off when they shower, sleep or bath, as you never know when it is needed.
  • Ensure EMERGENCY CONTACTS are on all their Emergency ID items, so if they are taken to hospital you can be notified and be with them, so they are not left alone in hospital.

DISCUSS all these things with your loved ones, of all ages.  Your elderly parents may NEVER have called 000 before, may be nervous to do so, and may have never learnt this in school or anywhere else.

Information from the Triple Zero Aust Govt website:

How to call 000

Stay focused, stay relevant, stay on the line 

The Triple Zero (000) service is the quickest way to get the right emergency service to help you. You can contact Police, Fire or Ambulance in life threatening or emergency situations.

Assess the situation

  • Is someone seriously injured or in need of urgent medical help?
  • Is your life or property being threatened?
  • Have you just witnessed a serious accident or crime?
If you answered YES call Triple Zero (000).

Make your call

  • Stay calm and call Triple Zero from a safe place.
  • When your call is answered you will be asked if you need Police, Fire or Ambulance.
  • If requested by the operator, state your town and location.
  • Your call will be directed to the service you asked for.
  • When connected to the emergency service, stay on the line, speak clearly and answer the questions.
  • Don’t hang up until the operator tells you to do so.

Providing location information

  • You will be asked where you are.
  • Try to provide street number, street name, nearest cross street and the area.
  • In rural areas give the full address and distances from landmarks and roads as well as the property name.
  • If calling from a mobile or satellite phone, the operator may ask you for other location information.
  • If you make a call while travelling, state the direction you are travelling and the last motorway exit or town you passed.

Satellite phone services and Triple Zero (000)

All Australian satellite phone operators provide access to Triple Zero (000). If your provider operates via another country, you may not be able to access Triple Zero (000). Check with your satellite phone provider if you are unsure whether you can contact Triple Zero (000) from your satellite phone. Please do not call Triple Zero (000) to test.

In an emergency, can you be found?

Make sure your phone address details are accurate—it could save your life.
Did you know that the address details you give to your phone company may be used to send help if you make a Triple Zero (000) emergency call? Your phone company is required by law to provide your address to a secure database which is used for responding to emergency situations. When you call Triple Zero, the address details that are stored in the Integrated Public Number Database will automatically appear on the operator’s screen and be passed on to the emergency service organisation you request (police, fire or ambulance).

Instructions from the operator

  • The operator may ask you to wait at a pre-arranged meeting point to assist emergency services to locate the incident

Other languages and text based services

  • People with a speech or hearing impairment can use the One Zero Six​ (106) text based service.
  • If you can’t speak English you can call Triple Zero (000) from a fixed line and ask for ‘Police’, ‘Fire’, or ‘Ambulance’. Once connected you need to stay on the line and a translator will be organised.
  • Further information in several community languages can be found on the Emergen​cy information in other languages page.

Other things you can do

  • Keep the Triple Zero (000) number beside telephones at home and work.
  • Teach children and overseas visitors that the emergency number to call in Australia is Triple Zero (000).
  • Teach children when and how to use Triple Zero by playing the Kids’ Challenge.

When to call triple zero 000

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