Emergency ID A4 Medical & Emergency Information Form

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In an EMERGENCY or MEDICAL INCIDENT, those treating you need to know information about you to assist in your treatment.

If you are unconscious or very unwell you cannot relay this information.  Even if you are OK, remembering correct vital information can be stressful and difficult.

The solution: have it all clearly written down and available for either Emergency Service to find, or for you to hand to them.

No stress, no confusion, no mistakes:

  • Printed and coated A4 size full colour sheet.
  • Thicker than regular paper for prolonged use.
  • Easily identifiable Emergency ID Australia FORM designed by Ex EMERGENCY SERVICES to have just the information required without being a security risk.
  • Includes space for your to add your photo – so patient and information can be immediately matched.
  • Ideal for storing in your wallet, bag, car, medication bag, school bag, seat belt covers, anywhere!

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All orders are sent from our AUSTRALIAN office in Tasmania within 2 business days of receiving payment.

Emergency ID Australia is 100% Australian Owned & Operated.  We thank you for your support as we compete against international competitors such as Medic Alert & Universal ID.

We provide the BEST customer service, QUALITY products and FASTEST turnaround of orders. Founded by Australian Emergency Services personnel.

Emergency ID Australia is rated BEST IN THE WORLD by customers & are the most INDEPENDENTLY judged award winners in our field WORLDWIDE.


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