THANK YOU for supporting Emergency ID Australia which is 100% Australian founded, owned & operated. Emergency ID gives peace of mind to you and your loved ones, by providing IMMEDIATE and vital medical and emergency information, when needed the most.

Why choose Emergency ID Australia? Because NO ONE else can offer you ALL this!

* EMERGENCY SERVICES EXPERIENCE: Our owners have first hand experience in the Emergency Services (Police & Fire & Rescue) - so we understand the IMPORTANCE of Emergency ID being IMMEDIATELY available.

We are PROUDLY 100% Australian Founded, Owned & Operated.

Emergency ID is available to EVERYONE. Paramedics & Emergency Services have made it very clear they want information IMMEDIATELY available to them - there is NO need to pay for a membership/phone relay service that is very OUT-DATED. As Innovation Award Winners we have many diverse products that CAN relay detailed information immediately. Please see our Emergency ID jewellery range, plus our "ACCESSORIES" page to view these options. Also, if you wish to have detailed information stored on a secure data base, the Australian Governments eHealth system has this facility for you and your medical professionals for FREE.

We are the genuine Emergency ID you can trust, giving peace of mind to you and your family. Our CROSS logo is simple and instantly recognisable internationally! 1st class products and award winning customer service.

Ordering is easy - you can order through this website or by calling us 03 6381 1223 between 8:30am and 2:30pm Mon-Fri.

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All orders are sent within JUST 1 to 2 business days of receiving payment!! That's FAST!

Emergency ID are the MOST INDEPENDENTLY judged multi-award WINNERS in the world, in our field! Including awards in Excellence In Innovation, Customer Service Excellence and many more.

We are the ONLY medical alert or medical jewellery organisation that ALLOWS their customers to RATE/REVIEW them on Facebook, we have HUNDREDS of reviews and average a very impressive 4.6 STAR rating. We value and encourage our customers feedback.

We custom engrave all items as YOU choose, to suit YOUR needs.

The Issue: If you were ill, injured, involved in an accident, emergency or medical incident, would those around you know who YOU are, WHO YOU WANT NOTIFIED, or whether you have any medical conditions, allergies or medications that could affect your treatment?

The Solution: They will if you have Emergency ID!

Our range includes Emergency ID medical bracelets, medical ID necklaces, Emergency ID Medical Pouches, Emergency ID Wallet Cards, universal IDs, I.C.E. Photo ID Cards, silicone ID wristbands, sports ID, sports wristbands, superior medi alerts, medic bracelets, Emergency ID SPOT packs for your Car & Home, Children's medical alerts and ID products and much more! Identify yourself with the official universal and worldwide well recognised Emergency ID.

Feel free to compare us to our competitors Medic Alert and Identify Yourself at Universal Medical ID by viewing the comparison table above.

“The Australasian Society for Emergency Medicine (ASEM) considers Emergency ID Spots a great initiative for both patients, Emergency Service providers and Emergency Departments. Having access at first contact to important information that may not otherwise be supplied, can be life saving”