Providing vital emergency information in your vehicle could be lifesaving.

What if you were involved in a motor vehicle accident or medical incident while in your car? You can assist emergency services by providing immediate VITAL information.

Designed by ex-Emergency Services personnel, the Vehicle Emergency Info Kit will change how you provide information to Emergency Services. This handy kit gives first responders information about allergies, medications, pre-existing conditions, and other vital information, ensuring appropriate emergency treatment is administered. Information that could greatly assist you, Paramedics and hospital staff. Also included are your emergency contacts’ details – who you want to be notified if you are taken to the hospital.

“Recently released Census results show that around 40% of Australians have a long-term health condition. Knowing their condition could greatly assist in ensuring the appropriate treatment is received or can even reduce complications that could occur,” said Nicole Graham, who, prior to starting Emergency ID Australia, was an NSW Police Officer who attended many accidents and emergencies.

Emergency ID Spot stickers are placed on a vehicle’s rear window, glove box, or sun visor to alert first responders that a patient’s critical health information can be found inside the glove box or attached to the sun visor.

Another option for relaying information is the Emergency ID Seat Belt Covers, also designed by ex-Emergency Services personnel. These are placed around a child’s restraint strap or seat belt. The covers hold a double-sided A4 sheet containing detailed emergency information.

Importantly, the kits and seat belt covers have a photo attached to the information sheet, so patient and information can be quickly matched.

“Each year, over 40,000 people are hospitalised due to accidents on Australian roads. Even in less serious crashes, people can go into shock and find it difficult to remember important details or communicate clearly. This is where the Emergency ID Spot Care Information Kits and Emergency ID Seat Belt Covers are perfect for relaying vital information when you can’t,” said founder and owner Nicole Graham.

Emergency ID Australia is based in Tasmania, and they have over 500 products that are sent out nationally and internationally.

With the number of vehicles on our roads, the safety of all passengers is paramount. These small additions to your vehicle can bring peace of mind in the unfortunate event of a crash. The Vehicle Emergency Info Kits and Seatbelt Covers are available at

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