Emergency ID is essential for EVERY NDIS participant!

If your clients meet the NDIS requirements, it is highly recommended they have Emergency ID!

We have the world’s largest and most diverse range of medical alert bracelets, necklaces, key rings, medication bags, signs, seat belt covers, home emergency info kits and MUCH more. All are designed to relay vital medical and emergency information. Their disability needs to be known by emergency services and hospital professionals treating them so that they can receive the correct treatment.

We are the world leaders in our field, providing the world’s largest and most diverse range of Emergency ID and medical alerts. Our Emergency ID products can be paid for through NDIS funding, and we are a registered NDIS provider.

The Issue:

If your clients were ill, injured, or involved in an accident, emergency, or medical incident, would those assisting them to know who they were, who needs to be notified, or whether they have any special needs, communication difficulties, medical conditions, allergies or are taking any medications that could affect their treatment?

The Solution:

They will if they have Emergency ID!

Emergency ID products relay vital information when they can’t. Please advise your NDIS clients to wear or carry Emergency ID so those treating them have emergency and medical information at hand. Having this information immediately accessible causes less confusion and could even be lifesaving.


For further information, please take a look at our website or give our manager, Kathy, a call. Kathy specialises in NDIS. You can call her on 03 63811440 or email manager@emergencyid.com.au

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