A new medical ‘App’ developed in the Hastings by leading medical jewellery provide, Emergency ID Australia, has the ability to transform mobile phones into potentially life-saving devises.

The Emergency ID Medical Info App, launched recently on the Apple App Store, enables users to display their urgent medical information, such as allergies and emergency contact details, on the phone’s locked screen.

The App also provides a simple way to store, save and share additional important medical details, such as medication dosages and history of procedures.

Director of Emergency ID Australia Nicole Graham designed the App to provide users with peace of mind by giving Emergency Services access to critical information when it matters most.

“When I was working in the Emergency Services, we looked at people’s phones to gain information but they were often locked or password protected,” Mrs Graham said.

“In an emergency situation the ability to find important details quickly can mean the difference between life and death.

“As someone who has undergone major surgery and had numerous doctors, procedures and medications to keep track of, I understand how difficult it can be to recall everything, particularly when you are ill, injured, or shocked – and obviously impossible if you were unconscious.

“This new App allows you to store medical information for your own records, and to share them with your doctors and health care professionals.”

The App enables users to input current medical conditions, allergies and reactions, medical history, doctor’s details, where records are kept, medical insurance, current medications and dosages, and emergency contact details.

The team are now working on developing an Android App.

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