Medical Jewellery Awareness Month is conducted nationally throughout Australia to Raise awareness that thousands of people Australia wide wear or carry Emergency ID & Medical Jewellery because they need or want to tell Medical and Emergency Personnel something important about themselves.

Be aware – show you care! With all First Aid – Check for Emergency ID. It may hold the key for what is wrong & what the patient needs you to know.

Perhaps the person wearing or carrying Emergency ID Medical Jewellery needs to advise:
– Who they are
– Who they want contacted
– That they have a pre existing medical condition
– A medical history that can effect current or future treatments
– An allergy and the reaction they have
– That they are taking certain medications that could affect their treatment or react with other drugs
– Are unable to communicate effectively or with full accuracy
– Have special needs that need to be taken into consideration
– Can easily become confused
– Have certain family, carers, loved ones or friends that need to be informed so they are not left alone or for any reason.

Emergency ID Australia can pass this information onto Medical and Emergency personnel 24hrs a day – every day! Linking you and your medical information to Emergency ID Australia’s secure data base. Giving you and your family peace of mind that information needed will be relayed when needed the most.
Telephone: 1300 369 142

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