IT’S Medical Jewellery Awareness Month, reminding the community to be aware of emergency ID in a crisis.

Medical Jewellery, engravings on jewellery which detail health records and personal medical details, helps emergency service workers assess a patient’s allergies, reactions or special conditions before treatment.

Director of Emergency ID Australia Nicole Graham said: “Medical jewellery is now attractive, comfortable and quite subtle, which is great news for the wearer, but also poses a challenge for emergency services, so education and awareness is the key.

“We’ve embarked on a national training initiative to encourage medical personnel to take a few seconds to check if the patient has emergency ID that could improve their ability to provide care for that person.

Healthcare workers and emergency services personnel are urged to check patients for the jewellery and utilise a 24-hour medical information phone service.

This information is important when treating patients as it advises of any illnesses or ailments which may impede certain courses of action.

There is a growing trend of medical jewellery among sufferers of dementia, autism and also the aged so medical histories are accessible and complex medical histories are accessible at any time.

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