Emergency ID was featured on page 46 of the Products and Services Health and Wellbeing section of this reputable national magazine. This was an unpaid feature on Hard Hat ID and its use and benefits.

The National Safety Council of Australia is committed to helping clients and members continuously improve their workplace health, safety and environment.

“We often work side by side with our employees and colleagues but do we know their vital medical details and other emergency information? What if there was to be a workplace accident or they were to become suddenly ill or unconscious?

Do you have workers who go to other worksites where few people know detailed information about them? Would your workers HR records be up to date and immediately accessible if ther was an accident or an emergency?

If emergency or medical personnel attended your worksite, would they be able to access important information about the patient immediately?

Have your employees told you about their personal medical history and past illnesses? Are their next of kin details up to date?

Too many questions and one simple solution: Hard Hat ID – simple, immediate and accurate, up-to-date information.”

This article was not paid for in any way by Emergency ID Australia.

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