Emergency ID Necklaces are made from HIGH QUALITY Stainless Steel - so they are not only attractive, but highly practical. Stainless steel is a very hard/strong metal, holds engraving very well, is hardy, and we have NEVER had anyone report any allergic reaction to it.

Emergency ID Necklaces are ideal as they dont normally come in contact with hard services, so dont scratch and wear exceptionally well. We recommend you wear BOTH a necklace AND bracelet to increase the chances of your Emergency ID being seen quickly.

All our stainless steel AND stainless steel gold plated stainless steel items are ideal for 24hr wear, even in shower, pool and ocean. (PVC necklaces are only suitable for fashionable/occassional wear). All items are CUSTOM engraved to suit your needs.

Emergency ID - Have It For Life. We are the ONLY 100% Australian Owned, Australian Operated and most INDEPENDENTLY judged multi award winners in this medical jewellery, medical alert, Emergency ID & medic alert field. Genuine Emergency ID you can rely on.

We are PROUD of our products, outstanding reputation and award winning customer service. We even encourage you to compare us to our competitors, MedicAlert and Universal Medical ID, by viewing the comparison table on our home page. We thank you for supporting a 100% Founded, Owned & Operated AUSTRALIAN business that sends Emergency ID WORLDWIDE!