What is an Emergency or medical alert ID?

Emergency IDs are items you wear or carry that could save your life, reduce medical errors, and show how to contact your YOU want to be notified.

Medical IDs can significantly assist those treating you by providing vital information about you. It’s peace of mind for you and your loved ones.

What can be engraved?

Anything you request:

  • Medical conditions,
  • Medication and food allergies,
  • Medications you are taking
  • Emergency contacts,
  • Anything you think could assist first aiders, paramedics and medical professionals.

Who should wear/carry Emergency ID?

Anyone can wear/carry Emergency ID.  

Do emergency responders look for a medical ID?

Yes, first aiders, emergency services and medical professionals are trained to look for medical IDs.

Australians have been wearing them since WW2. A handmade medical ID bracelet can be found at the Australian War Memorial worn by an Australian Ambulance Officer.  

They are now worn worldwide, and Emergency ID Australia is the leader in their field, with the largest and most diverse range available worldwide.

When should I wear my medical ID?

24/7. Wear your Emergency ID as often as possible. Most of our products are suitable for 24 hours, even in water, i.e. showers, baths, pools, oceans and spas. You never know when you will have a medical incident or emergency, so wear it as often as possible.

What are the benefits of Emergency ID?

In an emergency, minutes matter! You may not be able to speak for yourself, Emergency ID can speak for you.

  • Take out the “guesswork” and clearly show current medical conditions.
  • Emergency contact/s can be quickly obtained, so you are not left alone in the hospital, and loved ones can be quickly informed. 
  • Symptoms of common ailments can easily be misdiagnosed.
  • Prompt diagnosis is critical to effective treatment.
  • A brief description of vital medical information engraved on your Emergency ID ensures appropriate and timely medical care.
  • Wearing Emergency ID protects against potentially harmful medical errors. “In Australia, medical error results in as many as 18 000 unnecessary deaths, and more than 50 000 patients become disabled each year.” Source Australian Medical Error Action Group.
  • You are assisting those trying to do their best to assist you by giving basic, potentially life-saving information.

What is the cost of Emergency IDs?

Emergency ID costs from just $2.95 for a fold-up wallet Emergency ID card to just over $100 for a gold-plated bracelet that can be worn 24/7. There is something for everyone’s budget.  

Emergency ID Australia is an NDIS provider, so if you are an NDIS participant, you can purchase ANY of our products through NDIS.  

All prices and full details are on our website


NO unnecessary membership or yearly fees. All Custom Engraving is FREE. 

100% Australian Founded, Owned & Operated.

Communicating VITAL medical & emergency information when you can’t.

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