Judges comment on winning Customer Care Service Excellence Awards 2011.

"Customer Service to the N’th Degree!....To say that I was exceedingly impressed is putting it too lightly! This business is totally dedicated to Customer Service..........The products and services provided are of exceptional quality and are specifically designed to meet the needs of a wide and growing variety of customers. The product range is continually improved and expanded in response to research and customer feedback. Customer feedback is actively and continually sought and acted upon to meet the customer’s needs, demands and requests....... The philosophy of this business is simply- “The Customer is King” and this was self evident in all areas that I evaluated. The staff are friendly, motivated and amazingly helpful, the website is easy to navigate and enormously informative and all my enquiries were dealt with in a friendly, informative and professional manner. The showroom is not only functional but possibly one of the cleanest rooms I have ever been in! I can only commiserate with other businesses that may have entered this category- the simple fact is you were never in the race- I was absolutely blown away by the service, products and practices of this business and their dedication to Customer Service. Nicole and her staff should be very proud. Thank you."

Emergency ID Australia won the Health & Personal Services Category of the CUSTOMER CARE SERVICE EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2011. We were exceptionally pleased to hear the independent judges comments on Emergency ID Australia and how they found our services. Here is some of what was said on the night in the presentation. What an amazing evaluation and one we are very proud of!!! We can assure our customers we will continue to strive to do the very best for each and every one of you.