Emergency ID Australia value pack for medical alert id jewellery

"I too bought the Value Pack and really am very pleased - the bracelet is wonderful and the neck pendant is often admired as just jewellery. I love the sticker on my car and in various other places and the id card is great too. I only need a micro chip in my ear and I will be all set. Seriously - they are wonderful items and provide a sense of security.

Service was excellent and delivery very prompt."

Linda J Vaughan SA
Emergency ID value pack

" I also bought the Value pack, and what great value it is!! Everyone has commented on the items, the price, and the prompt delivery. It gives me, my family and friends true security in knowing that wherever I am, I can be identified and my medical conditions can be treated accordingly. This is a huge relief........Thankyou for the service you have provided me and I have already recom...mended you to many family, friends and colleagues (I work in the medical/dental field) and will continue to do so. I was also lucky to be the winner of the 'Perth' style bracelet comp on Facebook.

Chantal Marsh - Via our "Medical Jewellery by Emergency ID Australia" Facebook Page
Customer Service Excellence Award Winners 2011 medical Emergency ID jewellery.

"I was lucky enough to receive a voucher. I am very happy with the quality of the bracelet I chose for my daughter, the delivery was super fast & the Customer service has been excellent.

The peace of mind this bracelet has given me in that I know my daughters medical condition is able to be identified when she is not with me is a huge relief! Thanks again."

Trace Andreatta NSW
Value pack of medical jewellery by Emergency ID Australia

"I received my items last week. Thank you so much they are exactly as described and beautiful! Such great service and fast postage.

These will definitely help save lives! Thank you. I bought the value pack, very very happy with this package, great value for money and great items in the pack! :-)"

Toni Hill WA
Emergency ID Australia customer service

"There is such confidence knowing that if an emergency arises, the Emergency ID system is in place. I have two ID bracelets I enjoy wearing depending on the occasion, as they are quite stylish and comfortable. Emergency ID customer service is always friendly and helpful. I will definitely renew on this basis."

Marie Palmer NSW
Emergency ID Australia testimonial

"I have a serious chronic illness. If anything was to happen to me there is a large amount of critical information required by those who respond in order to save my life.

Emergency ID Australia has provided me with a means to provide this information. The company is relaxed, friendly and approachable. My medical condition is a part of me. I like that Emergency ID Australia has a large range, to suit different tastes. I know now, wherever I go, that if anything happens I have the best chance of being given the correct care with no accidents occurring.

Nicola Harrod ACT
Peace of Mind Emergency ID medical bracelet

"I have a bracelet that has never come off my wrist since the day my husband bought it for me. I have a very rare disease called Takaysus Arteritis, (only 1 in 20 million people get this disease) I have no blood pressure in both arms as well as no pulses. The bracelet and the service that Emergency ID gives me, is firstly peace of mind knowing that there is someone out there who knows what I have and is only a phone call away. Also it is a great relief for my family to know that there is help out there for me if I am alone.

Debbie Pope NSW
Allergy alert medical bracelet or allergy alert medical jewellery

"As a person that is allergic to Penicillin and Sulphur I find that wearing my bracelet makes me feel more at ease. The service I received from the team at emergency ID was both professional and friendly and I would most definitely purchase from you again."

Mary-Jane Hunt NSW
Childrens allergy wrist bands by Emergency ID Australia

"Your products are wonderful and Kaylah loves wearing her band. We have so many people ask about it and she loves telling them all about it. I felt so much better with her starting kindergarten and knowing all her information is on her at all times. Kaylah has allergies to potato, beef, corn, tomatoes, oranges, dairy, Paracetamol and also has asthma."

Kelly Hammond NSW
Emergency ID Australia peace of mind

"Last week I ordered the bracelet, necklace, key ring and stickers for my niece Molly.
I would like to thank you so much for the prompt and quality products you have provided her with. This has given us all peace of mind that God forbid anything should happen, Molly's details will be immediately available for medical personnel. Thank you again."

Karen Batters VIC