Emergency ID Spots supported by Westpac Rescue Helicopter Services

“Armed with immediate information about a patient’s allergies, medications and conditions, emergency services can provide the very best medical care on the spot. We wish everyone had the Emergency ID Spot in their vehicles and in their homes. This simple sticker will certainly help save lives,” Mr Jones said.

Richard Jones - General Manager Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service

“The Australasian Society for Emergency Medicine (ASEM) considers Emergency ID Spots a great initiative for both patients, Emergency Service providers and Emergency Departments. Having access at first contact to important information that may not otherwise be supplied, can be life saving”

Australasian Society for Emergency Medicine (ASEM)
Emergency ID Australia testimonial for ladies medical alert ID bracelet

I am truly blessed to have my Emergency ID package. The blue wrist band fits perfectly and the neck pennant is wearing nicely, the keyring looks nice with all the other keyrings and the other information cards are in my purse. My family thinks it was about time for me to get my package, for it saves them of worrying about me in case I have an accident. They can rest now that I have the package.
Thank you again for my Emergency ID package.

Angela Smith - Mt. Gambier

Hi. Just wanted to say I received the men's Broome style bracelet for Andrew (15yrs) today. He thought it was a 'very cool' piece of jewellery and is very happy to wear it.

I was impressed with the quality and also the contact prior to delivery and fast delivery.

Thank you very much. Jennifer

Jennifer M
Emergency ID Australia medical ID jewellery

Thank you so much for this wonderful product.

Having a Pacemaker along with Diabetes, and also having had three kidney transplants and after many years of being on and off Dialysis it is great to have all my medical information in the one place, on the jewellery (which I love) and cards.

It has given both my husband and myself peace of mind to know that if anything does happen all my details are right there if they are required. Thank you again.

Elizabeth Cleak
Emergency ID testimonial

Great idea for school kids, teens and adults.

I got my bracelet and Kris's in the mail today and I LOVE them!

Mine has become almost a part of me in a day and Kris hasn't tried to take his sports one off, not once! He hasn't picked at it or anything, so it is very comfortable on him.

Thank you!

Cheree Boyle
Emergency ID Australia testimonial for medical alert ID jewellery

A quick thank you for my pack. Quick service (placed order including payment and all details last Tues, delivered by Fri Post) and looking great.

Have worn it since recieving it and had some medical professionals check it - it met their approval as well.

A great product which I highly recommend. (I purchased the stainless steel value pack).

Michelle McKean - Larkins
Emergency ID Australia for hemophilia

My four year old daughter and myself received our bracelets in the mail. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the bracelets.

My daughter thought Christmas had come... She was so delighted with the charms on the ID bracelet, that I had no difficulty encouraging to wear it 24/7.

As we have a rare type of hemophilia, it is important that she wears it all the time.

The helpfulness of the staff with Emergency ID Australia and the quality of the product has made it worth every cent I spent.


Vanessa G.
Emergency ID Australia recommended by many

Hi, I just received my Mackay style bracelet - I am very pleased with it. The fashionable style, weight, size, and quality of finish is exactly what I wanted. This coupled with the central emergency contact line is why I have no hesitation in recommending, in fact I already have, to anyone that has a condition that emergency personnel would need to know about. Thanks again.

Glenn Cooper

Thank you so much for the prompt and swift service.

The help and understanding was and is fabulous.

I shall be sure to shout out about this business to all that will listen.

Thank you again.

Melissa Morgan via Facebook