Tina Konecke

I got mine on a Friday late 2012. How ironic that 4 days later my son (4yrs old) had to ring for the ambos. They got to my home, checked my necklace, rang the number and got all the details. All they did was confirm things with me as I was somewhat "out of it".

A few minutes later my partner rang, the ambo picked the phone up and as he was already given my partner's name they told him what was going on and that they would have to take me to the hospital along with my son. My partner picked my son up at the hospital and picked me up later.

By the time we arrived at the hospital a faxed copy of my medications had been recieved by nurses/doctor. It was sooooooo easy and so very time saving. Best thing I ever did. It is totally worth it and the people involved couldn't be nicer. Thank you!