Emergency ID Australia testimonial from nurse

Medical issues and problems affect most people in society hence the wide selection of medical textbooks on any given condition. Unfortunately some conditions require monitoring which is where the Emergency ID Australia system can help. In my situation I had two heart valve replacement ops back in 2007 - 2008.

Initially I brought a medical id tag from a chemist soon after my heart surgery but felt it lacked specific details relating to my condition.
With a little research in the last month I came across Emergency ID Australia and have purchased my “Duntroon tag" (Men's Necklace). I am real happy with my choice and have worn it every day since it arrived in the last week. On top of that my medical information can be retrieved by various health professionals if needs be if I am incapacitated.

Being a nursing student about to graduate at the end of this year I do realise that time is of the essence especially in acute medical emergencies.

Having the Emergency ID Australia emblem will ensure timely interventions can be made which is a positive thing in my view.