Emergency ID medical alert bracelets for Anaphylaxis

I've just found this fantastic company Emergency ID Australia and I'm full of hope . I've been a walking time bomb for years , doing nothing about my multiple allergies which cause anaphylaxis because there was no product that catered for all my allergies; was affordable; looked attractive & was subtle yet easily identifiable in its appearance .......instead of screaming oh this person has big health issues stay away!

The last thing I want is to constantly draw attention to all my problems, but there is always a nagging worry for family and friends when you go out without any documented info that if you go into anaphylactic shock or some other life threatening state, that they do not know all the answers unless they are walking medical journals . Which puts unfair stress on them. A few minutes can make all the difference . Half the pain of life threatening issues is the illness itself. The other half is the guilt of the pain & worry you see on the faces of family & friends.

The result has been that as the cause of that worry, I stay at home & reduce the risk so as not to cause more drama. I'm looking forward to ordering my value pack & life membership in the hope that that worry will be lifted off their shoulders & that one phone call will give emergency personnel all the info they need & I can leave home for a few days with the reassurance accurate medical assistance is only a phone call away. I used to hope that it would never happen again . Now I just hope that knowledge is life. And maybe miracles do happen!!!!!!!!