Peace of Mind Emergency ID medical bracelet

"I have a bracelet that has never come off my wrist since the day my husband bought it for me. I have a very rare disease called Takaysus Arteritis, (only 1 in 20 million people get this disease) I have no blood pressure in both arms as well as no pulses. The bracelet and the service that Emergency ID gives me, is firstly peace of mind knowing that there is someone out there who knows what I have and is only a phone call away. Also it is a great relief for my family to know that there is help out there for me if I am alone. As you can imagine a lot of people would think that I was dead due to the fact that I don't have a pulse or blood pressure. So by wearing my bracelet means that it could save my life. I also wear it because I am on Warfrin (blood thinner) and that lets people know that I am a bleeder. Thank you for being there for me."