Looking for bracelets that CANNOT BE REMOVED?

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We are often asked for a bracelet which cannot be removed for those with conditions such as Autism, Dementia, or where the person may fiddle with clasps, or not have a full understanding of the lifesaving information they are carrying with them, our chain & medallion sets can be converted so they cannot be removed.

Simply take it to your jeweller to be converted by removing the claps at BOTH ends, then attach the chain directly to the medallion.

When this is done, there are no longer any clasps, and it cannot be undone. All our stainless steel and gold plated jewellery is suitable for 24hr wear, so there is NO need to remove it at any time.


  • Order your bracelet as per normal ensuring you ADD an EXTRA 2cms to the length of the completed bracelet.STEP 2:
  • When you receive your bracelet, take it to a jeweller so they can use tools to turn both O rings removing claps – open O rings as the picture shows.STEP 3:
  • Now that clasps have been removed, attach O rings directly to the bracelet medallion and close together (2nd O ring is closed whilst on the wrist). DO NOT ADD THIS TO THE CART – YOU MUST SELECT AN ACTUAL BRACELET AFTER READING THE STEPS ABOVE!


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