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Looking for bracelets that CANNOT BE REMOVED?

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We are often asked for a bracelet which cannot be removed for those with conditions such as Autism, Dementia, or where the person may fiddle with clasps, or not have a full understanding of the lifesaving information they are carrying with them, our chain & medallion sets can be converted so they cannot be removed.

Simply take it to your jeweller to be converted by removing the claps at BOTH ends, then attach the chain directly to the medallion.

When this is done, there are no longer any clasps, and it cannot be undone. All our stainless steel and gold plated jewellery is suitable for 24hr wear, so there is NO need to remove it at any time.


  • Order your bracelet as per normal ensuring you ADD an EXTRA 2cms to the length of the completed bracelet.STEP 2:
  • When you receive your bracelet, take it to a jeweller so they can use tools to turn both O rings removing claps – open O rings as the picture shows.STEP 3:
  • Now that clasps have been removed, attach O rings directly to the bracelet medallion and close together (2nd O ring is closed whilst on the wrist). DO NOT ADD THIS TO THE CART – YOU MUST SELECT AN ACTUAL BRACELET AFTER READING THE STEPS ABOVE!

Engraving Guidelines

  • We COPY & PASTE from your requested engraving.
  • Please ensure you use correct capitalisation and spelling.
  • Names are not automatically engraved, so enter your name if you want it engraved.
  • The MORE ENGRAVING you enter the SMALLER the text - if you don't fill all spaces and lines that is GREAT - as we will enlarge your text so it larger and easier to read.
  • We recommend you keep your engraving CLEAR & SIMPLE.
  • Only have engraved your most URGENT information. Other information can be obtained from your wallet card or other items from our accessories pages
  • We may correct or re-arrange your engraving to suit the spacing of your item or to make it clearer.
  • We recommend you add an I.C.E (In Case of Emergency) phone number of who you would like called if you were taken to hospital. If possible also add their relationship to you eg. Mum: 0401 XXX XXX. .

How to measure your bracelet size:

We suggest you take your firm wrist measurement and add 1.5 to 2cms to allow for comfortable wear. We provide APPROXIMATE size closest to your estimate (due to links).



How to measure your wrist for a bracelet Emergency ID medical alert bracelet

Young slim woman measures the wrist after sports isolated on white background


  • Our FULL stainless steel bracelets and medallions are BEST for 24hr wear and come with a 12-month warranty.
  • All products must be returned (posted at your own expense) to have the item inspected and repaired or replaced (if appropriate).
  • There are no refunds or swapping of custom engraved items as these are custom engraved for each individual and are of no use to anyone else.
  • However, if your custom engraved item is faulty we can repair or replace the item.


Warranty does NOT include:

  • Any adjustments made after purchase (as we cannot guarantee their workmanship in any way).
  • Loss of any items.
  • Black/Coloured enamel on the jewellery (as although this is rare this can come loose from abrasives and a HUGE array of chemicals you can come in contact with. The jewellery is still fully functioning without the enamel being present, as many styles do not have enamel and the item is still easily identifiable as Emergency ID jewellery).

Please visit our FAQ page for further information.


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