Emergency ID Australia named one of Constant Contact’s 2011 All Stars

Emergency ID Australia, has received the 2011 All Star Award from Constant Contact®, Inc., the trusted marketing advisor to more than half a million small organisations worldwide. Each year, a select group of Constant Contact customers are honored with the All Star Award for their exemplary marketing results. Emergency ID Australia’s results ranked among the top 10% of Constant Contact’s customer base.


Ambulance Active – Official Journal National Council of Ambulance Unions Australia

“Medical jewellery has advanced greatly in recent years – are you aware of its benefits and advancements?

People wear Medical Jewellery because they NEED and WANT to tell you something! Checking for Emergency ID takes just a few seconds, yet could make all the difference in giving you vital information that needs to be passed on, and it’s simple:

1. Check patient for Medical Jewellery or Emergency ID.
2. Turn the item over and read the most urgent information engraved.


As Seen in the AusBuy Guide

Emergency ID Australia is AUSBUY accredited and distributes Australia wide.

AUSBUY is the only organisation that represents Australian Owned businesses. That is the integrity of the AUSBUY brand.

AUSBUY is about:
* Empowering all Australians to work together to support our own,
* Giving Australians information about which businesses are Australian owned so that they can make balanced decisions about where they spend their hard earned dollars, and understand the consequences for now and future generations,


The Senior. Surviving with style. Health Report 2011

“A STYLISH bracelet or necklace could save your life.

Medical jewellery, containing vital information about your health history, could be just what a passer-by or emergency service worker needs to ensure you receive the correct treatment in the event of an accident or sudden collapse.

Emergency ID Australia founder, Nicole Graham is a former police officer who experienced at first hand many serious incidents where personal ID information would have been beneficial.”


Emergency Services Report magazine Medical & Emergency Service Training

6 easy steps for training of Medical & Emergency Services:

1. Check the patient for Medical Jewellery or Emergency ID.
2. Turn the item over and read the back.
3. Call the 24hr 1300 number on the rear and quote the unique number. Most will also have a medical condition engraved for your immediate reference.
4. Emergency line staff will ask your name and location. They will then immediately call you back to verify you are medical/emergency personnel.
5. You will then be given all the wearers vital information that they WANT or NEED passed on to you.


NSW Government Trade & Investment Small Business NSW

The story of Emergency ID Australia and it’s founder Nicole Graham features in this NSW Govt website in their Starting Up Success Stories section.

“Prior to founding Emergency ID Australia Nicole Graham was a NSW Police Office dealing with the day to day traumas, accidents, missing people, victims of crime and everything and anything she came upon in her daily dealings of police duties.

Nicole experienced many serious incidents where personal ID information would have been beneficial to both the wearer and to emergency services personnel.”


Emergency Services Report – Australia

This interested 4-page feature article in the Emergency Services Report magazine on “Advances in Medical Jewellery & Emergency ID” features Emergency ID Australia as the leaders in Medical Jewellery and Emergency ID.

It also features the advancements in medical jewellery over time and the interesting story of Nicole Graham Founder/Director of Emergency ID Australia, and how through her experiences, in both the NSW Police and as a patient, Emergency ID Australia began.


National Safety – The magazine of the National Safety Council of Australia

Emergency ID was featured on page 46 of the Products and Services Health and Wellbeing section of this reputable national magazine. This was an unpaid feature on Hard Hat ID and its use and benefits.

The National Safety Council of Australia is committed to helping clients and members continuously improve their workplace health, safety and environment.

“We often work side by side with our employees and colleagues but do we know their vital medical details and other emergency information? What if there was to be a workplace accident or they were to become suddenly ill or unconscious?