MedActiv iCool Prestige - Medicine Cooler Bag
MedActiv iCool Prestige - Medicine Cooler Bag
MedActiv iCool Prestige - Medicine Cooler Bag
MedActiv iCool Prestige - Medicine Cooler Bag
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  • Our FULL stainless steel bracelets and medallions are BEST for 24hr wear and come with a 12 month warranty.
  • All products must be returned (posted at your own expense) to have the item inspected and repaired or replaced (if appropriate).
  • There are no refunds or swapping of custom engraved items as these are custom engraved for each individual and are of no use to anyone else.
  • However, if your custom engraved item is faulty we can repair or replace the item.

    Warranty does NOT include:
  • Any adjustments made after purchase (as we cannot guarantee their workmanship in any way).
  • Loss of any items.
  • Black/Coloured enamel on the jewellery (as although this is rare this can come loose from abrasives and a HUGE array of chemicals you can come in contact with. The jewellery is still fully functioning without the enamel being present, as many styles do not have enamel and the item is still easily identifiable as Emergency ID jewellery).

    Please visit our FAQ page for further information. We are CONFIDENT in providing the BEST products that have information IMMEDIATELY available when it counts. We are so confident we encourage you to compare us to Medic Alert, Road ID, Med-ID and Universal Medical ID (our competitors) so that you can ensure you have the BEST product at the BEST prices, with NO membership or yearly fees and FREE engraving on all your Emergency ID. Ensure your Medical Jewellery contains your MEDICAL CONDITION, ALLERGIES and IMPORTANTLY who you want called in an EMERGENCY if you or your loved ones are taken to hospital or involved in an accident or medical incident.
  • MedActiv iCool Prestige - Medicine Cooler Bag


    Insulin, growth hormones, adrenaline, monoclonal antibodies, vaccines, interferons

    The iCool Prestige is designed for the transport of sensitive medications at a temperature between 2 to 8°C for 24 hours
    The iCool Prestige includes 2 refreezable Gel Packs and will give you years of service

    Keeps all your sensitive medication at a constant temperature

    A special compartment reserved for your glucose (or other) meter, your syringes and needles

    Not suitable for Epipen adrenaline auto injectors
    Please refer to the EasyBag Single and EasyBag Classic for use with Epipens

    Dimensions: 190 x 170 x 60mm
    Weight: 780g

    For you to complete detailed medical & emergency information, PLUS a space to add your photo so information matches patient.