Emergency ID Medical Pouch with belt.
Emergency ID Medical Pouch with belt.
Emergency ID Medical Pouch with belt.
Emergency ID Medical Pouch with belt.
FREE ENGRAVING: All items are CUSTOM engraved FREE of charge.

Membership is an unnecessary expense and evidence has shown us that emergency services don't wish to call ANY 24hr numbers - they want information they can view IMMEDIATELY. Wearing Emergency ID ON you is always the best option, backed by a diverse range of our other products which carry more detailed information (see these in our ACCESSORIES page).

GENUINE, DISTINCT, QUALITY, WELL KNOWN & PEACE OF MIND: Always look for Emergency ID Australia's genuine & distinct 100% Australian Trademarked logo, so you have the peace of mind that you are receiving quality and well known medical ID jewellery.

Feel free to compare us to our competitors MedicAlert and Universal Medical ID by viewing the comparison table on our home page. Emergency ID Australia are WORLD LEADERS with the LARGEST & MOST DIVERSE RANGE of medical jewellery & Emergency ID: Emergency ID Australia is 100% Australian founded, owned & operated.

FAST PROCESSING TIME: All orders are sent within 1-2 business days of receiving payment. You have 2 postage options - regular postage $8 or express post $13.

We send Emergency ID WORLDWIDE for just $9. PAYMENT OPTIONS: Pay Pal, Direct Deposit, Money Order (no cheques) or call us 03 6381 1223 to pay by Credit Card.

SERVICE EXCELLENCE AWARD WINNERS: Emergency ID Australia are proud winners of the Customer Care Service Excellence Awards. We are also the most INDEPENDENTLY JUDGED AWARD WINNERS in our field.

  • Our FULL stainless steel bracelets and medallions are BEST for 24hr wear and come with a 12 month warranty.
  • All products must be returned (posted at your own expense) to have the item inspected and repaired or replaced (if appropriate).
  • There are no refunds or swapping of custom engraved items as these are custom engraved for each individual and are of no use to anyone else.
  • However, if your custom engraved item is faulty we can repair or replace the item.

    Warranty does NOT include:
  • Any adjustments made after purchase (as we cannot guarantee their workmanship in any way).
  • Loss of any items.
  • Black/Coloured enamel on the jewellery (as although this is rare this can come loose from abrasives and a HUGE array of chemicals you can come in contact with. The jewellery is still fully functioning without the enamel being present, as many styles do not have enamel and the item is still easily identifiable as Emergency ID jewellery).

    Please visit our FAQ page for further information. Feel free to compare us to our competitors Medic Alert and Universal Medical ID by viewing the comparison table on our home page.
  • Emergency ID MEDICATION POUCH in RED with Belt

    • Emergency ID Personal Medical Pouch with Belt
    • This size 20cm x 12cms.
    • Full adjustable to fit small child to large adult.
    • Very comfortable to wear as the belt does not come in contact with the skin
    • Ideal to store Diabetes Insulin Pumps, EpiPens, Asthma, Meds etc.
    • Insulated
    • Made from Neoprene (same material used for wetsuits & stubby coolers etc).
    • High Quality.
    • Heat Resistant.
    • Water Resistant.
    • Thermal & moisture insulated.
    • Cushioning protection.
    • Lightweight and buoyant.
    • Comes with adjustable belt in varying sizes
    • Comes in First Aid Green and Red
    • Emergency ID Card Clear Window for holding wallet ID card.
    • Includes 1 x FREE Emergency ID Card for listing your emergency, medical and next of kin information.
    • Easy Zipper Opening
    • Printed with easily identifiable Emergency ID Australia trademarked logo and words "Emergency ID Medical Pouch