“I wear my Emergency ID for 2 main reasons, the 1st reason is I have Asthma and an upper airway respiratory problem.  The other reason is I have many allergies especially to Antibiotics and have anaphylaxis. 

If I am given Asthma meds when I have breathing trouble, and the Ambulance services or A&E aren’t aware of my vocal cord problem, it can make it a lot worse and I have ended up in ICU. 

It has my husband’s number so he will be called straight away. 

Having this ID on my wrist has helped a few times.  Also, a lot of medical staff have mentioned it a number of times, so I have given your details out often here in Sydney. 

So thank you so much for such a fantastic idea.


PS: The Spiderman Tattoo was because I was bitten by a Redback spider”