“I have diagnosed Idiopathic Angioedema, severe multiple allergies, and variant angina, all of which have resulted in numerous calls to the NSW ambulance paramedics, ED & ICU admissions.
I carry 2 EpiPens at all times and take Aspirin daily.
My necklace and bracelet tell people really simply, the important stuff they need to know.
The ambos, ED Nurses and Doctors have all remarked how great my Emergency Australia ID is and how beautiful they are. I’ve even had the Qantas staff on a flight to LA comment on my necklace & bracelet and thanked me for wearing them.
Recently I saw a new Immunologist who asked if I wear an emergency medical alert. I showed her my necklace and her response was “oh that’s great!”
I always wear my necklace (except when I’ve had to take it off for scans and X-rays).
I love Emergency Australia ID and their products. They don’t fade or discolour even after showering or wearing in the pool!
I’m trying to convince my elderly parents, who both have medical issues, to buy them too.
Liz…..(extremely happy long-term Emergency Australia ID customer – who loves to tell as many people she can about the business)”
1300 369 142