“I wear my Emergency ID for 2 main reasons, the 1st reason is I have Asthma and an upper airway respiratory problem.  The other reason is I have many allergies especially to Antibiotics and have anaphylaxis. 

If I am given Asthma meds when I have breathing trouble, and the Ambulance services or A&E aren’t aware of my vocal cord problem, it can make it a lot worse and I have ended up in ICU. 

It has my husband’s number so he will be called straight away. 

Having this ID on my wrist has helped a few times.  Also, a lot of medical staff have mentioned it a number of times, so I have given your details out often here in Sydney. 

So thank you so much for such a fantastic idea.


PS: The Spiderman Tattoo was because I was bitten by a Redback spider”

My Story - Lynne - Asthma, Upper Airway Respiratory Problems, Allergies to Antibiotics, Anaphylaxis
My Story – Lynne – Asthma, Upper Airway Respiratory Problems, Allergies to Antibiotics, Anaphylaxis

“I’m Jeffrey, I’ve got Epilepsy, sometimes I get Epilepsy seizures as I get rescued by someone who calls the Ambulance then get taken to the hospital for checks to see how I’m going at the Emergency department.

Now I go to see the physiology or neurology to have either blood test, brain scans or EEG test to check how I’m getting on with my Epilepsy. I was born with Epilepsy also born deaf too.

Every year now we go March in the parades sometimes with the Epilepsy Queensland as we meet Wally Lewis who used to play in the Broncos Rugby League teams.

I do wear Emergency ID’s in case knows what type of medical problems I’ve got also place where I live & disabled hostel phone numbers and my name on it.”


1300 369 142

Jeffrey with Wally Lewis Epilepsy Purple Day
My Story – Jeffrey – Epilepsy, Seizures, Deaf, Disabled Hostel.

“Although I was diagnosed with Epilepsy in 2011, which is serious enough in its own right, it wasn’t until 2017 that I looked into getting an Emergency ID bracelet, after being put on blood thinners for life after being diagnosed with my second pretty serious DVT.

Unfortunately for me, there is no reversing agent for the blood thinner I am on.   The only option if I’m ever unfortunate enough to be in a bad accident, is to get me to a hospital ASAP.

A friend recommended that I really should be wearing a medical bracelet given that I’m on blood thinners.

This began my foray into Googling Emergency ID jewellery.

Thank goodness Google produced your website as one of the first I looked at and the rest is history.

I haven’t left the house without it since receiving my bracelet 4 years ago.

Thank you for such great products that for me provides a lot of peace of mind”.

1300 369 142
My Story – Tracy – Epilepsy, Blood Thinners & DVT

“My Daughter Charlie is currently 3.5 years old, and she was born with a condition called Septo Optic Dysplasia which is a condition that affects the development of the optic nerves and pituitary gland.

This left Charlie completely blind with no light perception from birth as well as pituitary disfunction.

As the pituitary gland regulates hormone production, Charlie has a range of hormone deficiencies including growth hormone and adrenal insufficiency (cortisol production).

Charlie’s medical ID bracelet informs first responders that she is vision impaired, adrenal insufficient and becomes hypoglycaemic.

Adrenal Crisis is life threatening to my daughter, so Charlie also has a seat belt alert that contains all information about her medical issues and a medical ID carry case that stores her emergency medication if Charlie was to be in an accident or become unwell. This carry case comes with Charlie everywhere she goes.

Due to Charlie’s blindness, she suffers sensory issues so we thought it might be difficult to get Charlie to wear her bracelet, but she absolutely loves it! She calls it her “Special, pretty bracelet”.

She gets several comments from friends and family about her “Special, pretty bracelet” and she never takes it off! We love the products from Emergency ID and will continue to purchase more items as Charlie’s grows!


1300 369 142
Krissy recommends Emergency ID Australia for her daughters medical alerts
My Story – Charlie – Septo Optic Dysplasia, Blind, Pituitary Disfunction, Adrenal Crisis – Life Threatening.
“I have diagnosed Idiopathic Angioedema, severe multiple allergies, and variant angina, all of which have resulted in numerous calls to the NSW ambulance paramedics, ED & ICU admissions.
I carry 2 EpiPens at all times and take Aspirin daily.
My necklace and bracelet tell people really simply, the important stuff they need to know.
The ambos, ED Nurses and Doctors have all remarked how great my Emergency Australia ID is and how beautiful they are. I’ve even had the Qantas staff on a flight to LA comment on my necklace & bracelet and thanked me for wearing them.
Recently I saw a new Immunologist who asked if I wear an emergency medical alert. I showed her my necklace and her response was “oh that’s great!”
I always wear my necklace (except when I’ve had to take it off for scans and X-rays).
I love Emergency Australia ID and their products. They don’t fade or discolour even after showering or wearing in the pool!
I’m trying to convince my elderly parents, who both have medical issues, to buy them too.
Liz…..(extremely happy long-term Emergency Australia ID customer – who loves to tell as many people she can about the business)”
1300 369 142
Testimonial recommending Emergency ID medical alerts Liz D
My Story – Liz – Idiopathic Angioedema, Severe Multiple Allergies, Variant Angina & Bloody Thinners

Fantastic quality allergy bracelet, I recently had to replace one for my teenage daughter and we are really happy with the quality of this. It is simple but has all the info we need on there. Delivery was fast. We are very happy with our product, thanks !!

Emergency ID Australia medical alert id 5 star rating
Marjorie – 5 Star Google review June 2021

Another great purchasing experience, I’ll be coming back.
Top quality products, excellent prices and quick delivery.
Check them out!

Tactical medical bag
Michael – 5 Star Google Review June 2021

This is the first time I have had to order an Emergency bracelet I have a friend who had ordered one and she was very happy with it when I saw it, she gave me your details and ordered one it came a few weeks ago and I love it the quality sure is there, the only thing I had to do was have two links taken out as it was a little too big but it is perfect now thank you so much for the bracelet I sure will recommend your company if anyone asks me. Yours faithfully Marie.

Emergency ID medical alert ID bracelet two tone hearts and kisses style
Marie – 5 Star Google Review April 2021
Very impressed with the quality of my fitness and watch band slider . Lesley was very prompt in fixing a mistake I had made in my details. Great to be able to purchase an Aussie product instead of overseas.
Emergency ID slider medical alert
Michelle – 5 Star Google Review April 2021

The ordering system was easy… the only hard part was deciding what to have engraved on the back of the disc.

I found the price and quality to be very fair when compared to similar products from overseas.

My bracelet was dispatched within a couple of days of ordering, and I am very happy with the end result.

Medium Blue Medallion with Medium Curb Bracelet Chain Emergency ID medical alert bracelet
Tanya – 5 Star Google Review May 2021