DVA card holders can greatly benefit by wearing or carrying Emergency ID medical alerts.

With over 272,000 DVA Health Cards issued there is plenty of need for Emergency ID, so those treating them can be well informed of their medical condition and treat them accordingly.

The Issue:

If you were ill, injured, involved in an accident, emergency or medical incident, would those around you know who YOU are, WHO YOU WANT to be NOTIFIED, or whether you have any medical conditions, allergies or medications that could affect your treatment?

The Solution:

They will if you have Emergency ID!

It’s easy to get your Emergency ID through DVA. Simply:

  • Do your order online – make sure you include your approved injury on your engraving
  • In checkout “Additional information Order notes” enter your DVA card type and number
  • DON’T PAY, select “PAY LATER – Email Invoice” option
  • We will contact you and send your order invoice off to DVA for payment

Who are we?

  • We have been providing DVA clients with Emergency ID for over 10 years
  • We have been established for 17 years
  • We are Australian founded, owned & operated – located in Tasmania, sending Emergency ID nationally
  • Owners have first-hand combined 30yrs emergency management experience & expertise.
  • We are independently judged multi-award winners including winner of Business Ethics award & Innovation and Award-winning customer service.
  • We have no yearly fees or membership requirements
  • We have the largest and most diverse range of medical alerts in the world
  • We are rated by customers as best in our field

For further information please take a look at our website www.emergencyid.com.au or give our Manager, Kathy a call.  She specialises in processing DVA orders 03 63811440 or email her on manager@emergencyid.com.au

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