The Examiner Newspaper, Launceston by journalist, Luke Miller.
“A business in the state’s north is not only excelling internationally but has been credited with saving lives around the world by assisting people with medical alerts.
Located in Campbell Town, in an office on the main street, and without a shop front, it is easy to miss Emergency ID Australia’s headquarters. However, their online presence is unmistakable, as demonstrated through their 50,000 Facebook followers and 20,000 newsletter subscribers.
The company sells over 500 products, ranging from medical bracelet, necklaces, pouches, wallet cards, wristbands, and much more.
Each item shares one common purpose; identifying people who are ill, or have been involved in an accident. They also assist in alerting first responders to any medical conditions, allergies, or medications that could affect a person’s treatment.
The founder of the company, Nicole Graham, commenced business 16 years ago in NSW, but in 2014, after visiting Tasmania for a family holiday, they decided to move to the Apple Isle.
Ms Graham said the idea to start the company came after seeing first-hand the need for vital information to be immediately accessible.
I spent 13 years as a police officer, and attended many accidents and emergencies where Emergency ID could greatly benefit both the patients and emergency services” she said.
Ms Graham also had an intellectually disabled Uncle, who she was close to growing up. He was sadly struck and killed by a drink-driver.
“He laid all night in the morgue as an unidentified person, as he had no ID to advise who he was, where he lived, and who needed to be notified,” she said.
Additionally, at the age of just 34, the mother of two young children developed a serious heart condition that required open-heart surgery, causing her to spend time on life-support and intensive care. As a result of her condition, the doctor treating her at the time advised her to wear medical jewellery.
However, all the options available were from overseas organisations, and in terms of fashion, were very limiting, according to Ms Graham.
“They were very old-school and unattractive, and I knew there was something that would better suit a younger market,” she said.
“So with no business experience at all, using a laptop on my dining room table, I began selling better versions of those products.”
Since then, the business has improved and excelled immensely, guided by increased demand, which led to the company achieving the highest rating by customers of any worldwide competitor. Emergency ID Australia has also been independently judged, winning numerous business awards, including one for excellence in innovation.”
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Source Emergency ID Australia regarded as world leader in medical alerts | The Examiner | Launceston, TAS


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