We are often asked, “What should I have engraved on my Emergency ID?”
We recommend your most urgent information, plus 1-2 ICE (In Case of Emergency) phone numbers of who you would like called if you were involved in an accident or medical incident.
Engraving is FREE on all our Emergency ID jewellery.
Also, remember the amount of engraving space available will greatly vary depending on which item you choose. When you click on each item it will show you how much engraving fits.
You can use common medical abbreviations, however, we recommend you write the full wording when space allows.
Always make it CLEAR & SIMPLE. More detailed information can be added to your free Emergency ID information card (included FREE with every order), or you can add other accessories which hold greatly detailed information eg USBs, Information Sheets, Cards, etc – see our ACCESSORIES pages.
For more information or to order online please see www.EmergencyID.com.au or call 1300 369 142 during Australian business hours.
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