Medical jewellery distributor Emergency ID Australia has released an app for Android and iOS that shows a user’s critical medical details as wallpaper on the locked screen of their mobile phones.

The app allows users to display urgent information such as allergies and emergency contact details on the screen for easy access by paramedics, emergency services personnel and healthcare professionals.

Many people with health issues store their in case of emergency (ICE) details on their phones, but these are not much use when the phone is password protected and the user is unconscious.

Emergency ID Australia’s founder and director, former police officer Nicole Graham, said her own health history had highlighted the need to share critical information.

Ms Graham set up the company to develop and distribute medical jewellery and accompanying products after suffering complications from a serious heart condition. The jewellery – including bracelets and pendants for adults and children – is aimed at those with an existing medical condition such as diabetes, epilepsy, allergies and dementia.

The app is also aimed at people with severe allergies to foods or medicines, existing medical conditions like epilepsy or heart disease and for those with dementia.

“As someone who has undergone major surgery and had numerous doctors, procedures and medications to keep track of, I understand how difficult it can be to recall everything, particularly when you are ill, injured, shocked or flustered – and obviously impossible if you are unconscious,” Ms Graham said.

“It allows you to store and save more detailed medical information inside the app for your own records, and to share them with your doctors and healthcare professionals.”

In addition to displaying an emergency contact or medical condition alert on the screen, users can input current medical conditions, allergies and reactions, history of procedures, doctor’s details, where records are kept, insurance, medications and dosages, and emergency contact details in the app.

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