Nicole Graham is the founder and owner of Emergency ID Australia. Australia’s leader in Medical Jewellery and Emergency ID products, with the largest range and best quality, styles and service. They distribute to thousands in all areas and states – and it is right here in Wauchope!
Nicole is always very supportive of fundraising events for Cancer as she grew up with Cancer being a major part of her family’s life.

“My father was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Disease on his 28th birthday, (when I was just 5 years old). With a young family, years of treatment, hospital admissions and many close calls and emergencies, this had a huge impact on both him and my family. I have always admired him for handling his Cancer with the utmost courage and selflessness, with his priority always to be an outstanding family man, cherishing our valued years and never complaining or losing his drive for life. He sadly lost his battle at the age of 43 (when I was 20 years old). During his 15 year battle I saw firsthand the impact Cancer has, and due to this I like to do what I can to support any efforts into reducing the impact of cancer for others in the future”.

Nicole commenced her business after seeing firsthand the real need for this vital information to be immediately accessible, as not only did she witness the needs her father had, but she also spent 13 years in the Police Force, and then personally experienced a serious heart condition causing her to need medical jewellery herself. Nicole is now very well and being self-motivated, determined and business minded she saw a real need for a quality product at an affordable price.

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