“Medical jewellery has advanced greatly in recent years – are you aware of its benefits and advancements?

People wear Medical Jewellery because they NEED and WANT to tell you something! Checking for Emergency ID takes just a few seconds, yet could make all the difference in giving you vital information that needs to be passed on, and it’s simple:

1. Check patient for Medical Jewellery or Emergency ID.
2. Turn the item over and read the most urgent information engraved.
3. When appropriate you or hospital staff can call the 24hr 1300 number on the rear & quote the individuals member number.
4. After verification, you will receive information that the patient WANTS or NEEDS you to know eg their medical history, medications, allergies, who they would like contacted and more.

Emergency ID Australia are the leaders in medical jewellery with the largest range in Australia. Thousands Australia wide have great peace of mind for themselves and those who care about them from wearing Emergency ID. Would you recognise these items? Take a few minutes to make yourself familiar with these items and their training page…”

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