Engraving Examples

Engraving advice

The surname is capitalised to make it clear this is the SURNAME, emergency services often do this to differentiate between first and surnames.

Feel free to use clear abbreviations eg T2 Diabetic or T2 Diabetes, instead of the full word of Type 2 Diabetic.

NO Morphine with NO capitalised to make it very clear they can’t have morphine, as opposed to just Morphine – as this may mean they are taking morphine.

Or you could word it as ALLERGY to Morphine. ANAPHYLAXIS to Morphine. Or even say how Morphine affects you ie Morphine = Skin Rash.

ICE Sister: if you can fit the relationship to you into the ICE (In Case of Emergency) we recommend you do.  Their relationship to you is more relevant than their name.