Best quality Emergency ID medical alert jewellery

"Both myself and Bob were very surprised at the quality of the items that we received.

I had people in Pt Lincoln comment on them as they were surprised at the standard of them.

Have a happy day".

J Page VIC
Emergency ID Australia Australian Hospitals

“I spent time in Hospital recovering from "A life changing experience".....

I and they are 100% happy in every respect. I encourage everyone,

'Do not hesitate'.”

Mark McInerney SA
Emergency ID Australia medical alert ID jewellery

"...I have compared these products and prices with some competitors and theirs don't even come close to the cost/value/quality that Emergency ID Australia provides...

I have not taken it off, not even for showers and it's still as new as the day I bought it, and the fact that this beautiful piece of jewellery could save my life has benefits 2fold..."

Leona Van Geest WA
Emergency ID Australia testimonial

"Emergency ID products are exceptional and known across the country...just wearing them makes me feel safer, and I never taken them off.

They do not tarnish, and give me a certain peace of mind..."

Wendy Moreland NSW
Ambulance Victoria patient testimonial

"I was in a car accident on Wednesday...& required AMBULANCE & hospital. I gave my card with all my meds (14) with doses to the ambos & showed them my bracelet....they said, so easy we wish everyone was so organised, same at the Emergency Dept. Exactly 1 year after my heart attack it proved its worth. Thank you".

John Adams VIC