Customer Testminonial about Emergency ID Australia and Ambulance South Australia

"I recently had to go in the Ambulance to Hospital and the paramedic said she wish every patient they picked up had what I had set up. I had used the wallet card and was in my box of medication. All the information was on the card. I have a USB set up with my photo and all the forms filled in. Thank you for the great kit I purchased, it is valuable to me and whoever has to treat me :-)"

Medical alert Emergency ID bracelet peace of mind

" my family and I great peace of mind. Although I haven't as yet required this service...the fact your medical history, drug reactions and a list of doctors give you a very secure feeling...It is a great sense of insurance for people who have complicated or multiple medical problems. It is something I am pleased to have done. Thank you."

Pieta McGilvray QLD
Emergency ID for travelling overseas.

"....I wear this whenever I leave home and have been particularly careful to wear it when travelling overseas as I am a solo traveller and am unknown to the rest of the group. Although I have never had to use it I do feel confident that all information is available should I not be able to communicate with strangers".

Patricia Luscombe TAS
Emergency ID Australia medical jewellery

"I have a bracelet that I wear and love it, as it is safe and wears very well. I work with elderly people and the bracelet does not scratch or harm them in any way which is good. It never comes off my arm and I am so happy with it. Thank you for a great item!"

Pauline Jones QLD
Primary carer medical alert ID by Emergency ID Australia

"...I am the primary carer for my husband who is in a wheelchair and having my Emergency ID bracelet gives me reassurance that should something happen to me that my husband will be checked on as soon as possible...we were both able to find ID items that suit our different needs...thanks for the wonderful service you provide through your membership".

Naomi G NSW
Emergency ID Australia peace of mind medical alert bracelets and jewellery

"My Emergency ID bracelet gives both myself and my family peace of mind...I am a larger person and was able to purchase bracelets that fit. I would have no hesitation in recommending Emergency ID products as they are hard wearing and have a fashionable range".

Greg Byfieldt SA
Emergency ID Australia brings peace of mind through its medical ID jewellery

"I have peace of mind...I know that in an emergency at least one of my family members will be notified and the correct treatment will be administered by the doctors; because all my personal and medical details are all listed with Emergency ID Australia".

Colin de Souza QLD
Medical alert ID for children by Emergency ID Australia

"...she started Kindergarten this year...wearing this necklace allows others to know that she has a medical condition which is life threatening...She also has a key ring attached to her school bag.

The handy wallet cards, are exactly that, handy - she carries one in her school bag, one in her diabetes pack and there is one kept in the school office.

Thank you Emergency ID".

Cate Ashton NSW
Medical alert bracelet peace of mind by Emergency ID Australia

"This has given us all peace of mind that God forbid anything should happen, Molly's details will be immediately available for medical personnel.

Thank you again".

Karen Batters VIC
Customer Care Service Excellence Award Winners 2011

"I bought the Value Pack and really am very pleased - the bracelet is wonderful and the neck pendant is often admired as just jewellery. I love the sticker on my car and in various other places and the ID card is great too...they are wonderful items and provide a sense of security. Service was excellent and the delivery very prompt".

Linda J Vaughan SA