Emergency ID Australia breast cancer bracelet

"I showed Sue today and she couldn't believe it and cried. She loves it already.

Here's a photo of Sue with her new bracelet. It's gorgeous & she loves it.

Thank you so much again!"

Carol Douglas
Emergency ID Australia far superior medical alert id jewellery

I have just purchased an ID bracelet for my sister who has mitochondrial disease. This is a very debilitating disease with many side effects, one of them being epilepsy. I would like to share her response she emailed me regarding the gift.

"This one is far superior to any I have seen. This is sure to give me peace of mind, and it is something Peter & I have been worried about and couldn't find the solution. Now the problem is solved"

Betty Hartnett

I got mine on a Friday late 2012. How ironic that 4 days later my son (4yrs old) had to ring for the ambos. They got to my home, checked my necklace, rang the number and got all the details. All they did was confirm things with me as I was somewhat "out of it".

A few minutes later my partner rang, the ambo picked the phone up and as he was already given my partner's name they told him what was going on and that they would have to take me to the hospital along with my son. My partner picked my son up at the hospital and picked me up later.

Tina Konecke

Thank you! Received my 2 yr old son's ID bracelets yesterday.

They are very trendy, adjust to perfect size & are great value!! Also love that I can update his details online, anytime I need.


Lisa Pitman

Oh wow! Just received my necklace & bracelet. They are SO beautiful!

I have to wear both as I take a lot of medicine & I'm allergic to a lot. I feel so much better now.

Thank you. Thank you so much.

It's VERY VERY worth it and not expensive. Ill be ordering more soon. Xxoo

Shazzy Ba Razzy via Facebook

I would like to thank all at Emergency ID Australia for the amazing bracelet I won here just 2 weeks ago.

I am so grateful and happy as I have Cardiomyopathy as well as a few other Medical complications and an exhaustive list of medications but I could not afford to purchase my ID jewellery.

Thank you for my beautiful bracelet with purple beads and earings.

Cherie Dendtler VIC
Emergency ID Australia testimonials on medical ID jewellery

Wow! Ordered my Emergency ID bracelet on Wednesday night, and it arrived via Registered Post this morning.

Bracelet is better than described!!! Light, attractive and practical, I usually remove all of my jewellery because it annoys me, but this is so light I can see me leaving it on 24/7.

And not just the bracelet... Knowing that all my medical records and contact information is kept on the Emergency ID Database gives immense peace of mind.

Will recommend this company to everyone!

Thank you!

Jenni Berry via Medical Jewellery by Emergency ID Australia Facebook Page
Emergency ID Australia testimonial for ladies medical alert ID bracelet

I got my bracelet just over a month ago now - I love it, have so many people comment that it is so much nicer than most of the standard ones out there, and personally for me its super comfy that I dont realise I am wearing it!

Thank you once again ;0

Sally McIntyre via Medical Jewellery by Emergency ID Australia facebook page
Emergency ID Australia childrens medical alert ID for heartkids

I received my sons the other day and it's fantastic.

I loved the ones you had for younger children it makes them want to wear them.

Thank you.

Laura Perriam via Medical Jewellery by Emergency ID Australia facebook page.
Emergency ID Australia testimonial for ladies medical alert ID bracelet

My docs had been trying to get me to do it for 40 years! Received my bracelets last week & am so over the moon.

So comfy to wear that you forget it's there and, as a sixty-one year old sees it, a fashion statement in itself.

Why did I wait soooooooo long? Thanks girls from me too.

Ann Wilde via Medical Jewellery by Emergency ID Australia facebook page.