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If you still need assistance please call our Award Winning Customer Service team on 1300 369 142 (9am to 5pm AEST) or email us through our Contact page.

We are a well known, reputable 100% Australian business. Remember to always look for our GENUINE & DISTINCT Australian Trademarked logo, so you have the peace of mind that you are receiving QUALITY and well known medical ID jewellery.

Emergency ID Australia is the WORLD LEADER in medical jewellery and emergency ID with the LARGEST & MOST DIVERSE range available.

Feel free to compare us to our competitors MedicAlert and Universal ID by viewing the comparison table on our home page.

Thousands of people Australia-wide wear or carry Emergency ID. Emergency ID Australia is 100% Australian and AUSBUY accredited.

Emergency ID Australia ticks all the boxes: reputable, well known, diverse product range, easily recognisable medical cross logo, durable, high quality with product warranties, custom engraving, affordable, fast processing time, registered and priority post delivery options, award-winning customer service.

Emergency ID Australia logo is Trade Mark Registered ® with the Australian Government - IP Australia.

We are registered with the NSW Office of Fair Trading Business Registration No: BN98356011.

We are also registered and certified with Ausbuy and licensed to use their logo on products. We trade Australia-wide.

Emergency ID Australia's written and filmed material on products, training materials, brochures, web sites and various media outlets is protected by Copyright ©.

Emergency ID Australia is also registered with the Australian Taxation Office and our Australian Business Number is: 61 347676 593.

We provide the best possible products and best possible service Australia Wide. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Feel free to compare us to our competitors MedicAlert and Universal ID by viewing the comparison table on our home page.

Our high quality stainless steel products are not only hard wearing and long lasting but also do not tarnish. Stainless steel is affordable and ideal for 24 hr wear; we have never had anyone have skin or allergic reaction to our stainless steel products and they have the highest clarity of engraving due to their quality finish.

All stainless steel bracelets and necklace medallions are suitable for 24 hr wear and are covered by a 12 month warranty (conditions apply). None of our stainless items for everyday wear need to be removed whilst showering or swimming.

We are so impressed with stainless steel that we discontinued our sterling silver and 9ct gold range. Stainless steel really is the superior product for medical jewellery!

Feel free to compare us to our competitors MedicAlert and Universal ID by viewing the comparison table on our home page.

Our bracelets come in a range of sizes; however most styles (see individual product descriptions) can be reduced in size by any reputable jeweller or watch repairer to suit yourself. We do not adjust bracelets. Adjustments are at the purchaser's expense and we cannot guarantee or cover under warranty any adjustments done by others after purchase. We find that the best people to adjust items with pins are watch repairers such as "Mister Minit" or others experienced in removing pins and links.

You can pay by:

Money Order
Make out to Emergency ID Australia and send to PO Box 120 Campbell Town TAS 7210.

Direct Bank Deposit
Our bank account details are as follows:
Bank: NAB
BSB: 082-900
Account Number: 13 907 5939
Account Name: Emergency ID Australia
Reference: your name or order number.

Credit Card over the phone
Call us on 02 6585 2578, Mon-Fri 9am-5pm AEST.

Credit Card Via PayPal or other payment options through your PayPal Account
Our PayPal reference:

If you are not happy for any reason, it is an unusual situation for us, but one that we are more than happy to discuss with you! Please contact us on 03 63811223 (9am-5pm AEST) or email us through our CONTACT page.

Please advise us so we can be aware of the issue and to see if there is anything we can do to resolve the issue or assist you further. Emergency ID Australia are Winners of the Customer Care Service Excellence Awards so we have a proven record in providing the best possible service to you.

Note: as items are custom engraved for each individual, we do not offer refunds, we will either repair or replace the item.

Feel free to compare us to our competitors MedicAlert and Universal ID by viewing the comparison table on our home page.

WARRANTY: All our Emergency ID whole stainless steel bracelets, bracelet medallions and necklace medallions are covered by a 12 month warranty. This includes all Gold Plated Stainless Steel. All other items are covered by a 6 month warranty.

Warranty does NOT include:
* Change of mind
* Any adjustments made after purchase (as we cannot guarantee their workmanship in any way).
* Loss of any items.
* Any Charms (as they are of minimal value and are silver plated for occasional wear only).
* Crystals or black enamel on the jewellery, (as this can come loose from abrasives and a huge array chemicals people come into contact with. The jewellery is still fully functioning without the enamel being present, as many styles do not have enamel and the item is still easily identifiable as Emergency ID jewellery).

* As items are CUSTOM engraved to suit each order we do not offer refunds for any change of mind. If however you item is faulty you can claim a replacement or repair under warranty.

Like ANY jewellery store all products must be returned (posted back at own cost) to have item inspected and repaired or replaced (if appropriate).

You must be a CURRENT member to make any warranty claim.

As items are custom engraved for each individual so we do not offer refunds, we will either repair or replace the item.

Call our office hours enquiry line on 02 65852578 or email and our customer service team will do all they can to assist you.

Emergency ID Australia receive very few negative comments or concerns, however if you are unhappy for any reason we would like to hear from you, as we will do all we can to positively resolve the matter.

Emergency ID Australia are winners of the Customer Care Service Excellence Awards 2011, so we have a proven record of caring for our customers and providing great service.

If you have any further questions please complete our contact page or if you prefer you can contact the Director & Founder Nicole Graham directly at or call our Award Winning Customer Service team for assistance 9am to 5pm AEST Mon-Fri 03 63811223.

YES! Our provider number is: 4050009251. Speak to your support workers, doctor or go the the NDIS website for further information

You DON'T HAVE to be a member to order Emergency ID - it is available to EVERYONE, without any yearly fees.

As WORLD leaders we are now leading the way in our DIVERSE range of products to be used with both our technological and non-technological based innovations.

Why is paying for a 24 hr service unnecessary?

* Emergency Services no longer use it!
After consulting with Emergency Services, especially Paramedics, they have advised that they only rely on information IMMEDIATELY at hand (engraved or carried on you), and they don't have the time to call ANY 24 hr numbers, so there is no need to pay for this old fashioned way of retrieving information.

* We have several other PRACTICAL & innovative products that can relay information in detail, such as:
Emergency ID SPOT pack for your vehicle, home or bag (endorsed by The Australasian Society for Emergency Medicine & the Westpac Rescue Helicopter Service).
Emergency Photo ID ICE Card: your medical & emergency information can be quickly read & photo matched to you.
Emergency ID Wallet cards.
Emergency ID Medical Pouches: these are clearly labelled "CONTAINS VITAL EMERGENCY MEDICATIONS & INFORMATION."

* With no 24 hr number and information PRE-engraved on the back of our new range, it gives a LOT more room for YOUR information to be engraved and immediately visible. With this extra space we encourage people to have their OWN I.C.E (In Case of Emergency) contact engraved so they can be called by the Hospital. The NEW range (seen online with the world map on each product) is available online to everyone, worldwide.

Have you registered with eHealth? The Australian Govt have also introduced eHealth, which is a personally controlled secure online summary of your health information.

You control what goes into it, and who is allowed to access it. Your eHealth record allows you and your doctors, hospitals and other healthcare providers to view and share your health information to provide you with the best possible care.

So you can see another independent reason why membership and 24 hr phone relaying is an unnecessary expense to you or loved ones. For more information about eHealth please see

Due to phasing out our Membership 24 hr service we are now:
We are changing all the BACKS of our jewellery.
We are deleting OUR information so we can fit MORE of YOURS!

We are changing our logo on the front from:
"Emergency ID Australia" to
"Emergency ID Medical Info".

We are still 100% Australian but EXPANDING to cater to a worldwide need for Emergency ID.

Feel free to compare us to our competitors MedicAlert and Universal ID by viewing the comparison table on our home page.

There are 3 choices of postage:

1. Regular Postage & Handling
Approx 1 week.
Australia Wide

2. Priority Postage & Handling
Approx 2 - 4 Days.
Australia Wide (with tracking number & no signature required)

3. International shipping outside of Australia
(with tracking, worldwide)
$9.00 AUD

Emergency ID Australia are the WORLD leaders in this field, with the largest and most diverse range of Emergency ID and medical jewellery products.

Feel free to compare us to our competitors MedicAlert and Universal ID by viewing the comparison table on our home page.

CHOOSE CAREFULLY: There are many businesses and organisations that sell medical jewellery, most orginate from, or are based OVERSEAS. Some even state "Australia" in their name or web address, some even use the Australian flag on their page yet are NOT Australian.

Some have no telephone number or physical address in Australia and orders are processed overseas, are of poor quality and take weeks to receive - so be careful to choose our genuine products.

Why choose Emergency ID Australia? Because NO ONE else can offer you ALL this!

* CUSTOMER SERVICE & EMERGENCY SERVICES EXPERIENCE: Our staff are PASSIONATE about providing outstanding customer service and all have experience in the Emergency Services within the Ambulance, Police + Fire & Rescue fields – so we KNOW how vital your Emergency ID is.

Emergency ID is available to EVERYONE. Paramedics & Emergency Services have made it very clear they want information IMMEDIATELY available to them - there is NO need to pay for a membership/phone relay service that is NO LONGER used - this is a very OUT-DATED way of relaying information, and as Innovation Award Winners we have many diverse products that CAN relay detailed information immediately. Please see our Emergency ID jewellery range, plus our "ACCESSORIES" page to view these options.

We are PROUDLY 100% Australian Founded, Owned & Operated.

We are the genuine Emergency ID you can trust, giving peace of mind to you and your family. 1st class products and award winning customer service.

Ordering is easy - you can order through this website or by calling us 03 6381 1223.

* SUPER FAST delivery:
All orders are sent within JUST 1 to 2 business days of receiving payment!! That's FAST!

Emergency ID are the MOST INDEPENDENTLY judged multi-award WINNERS in the world, in our field! Including awards in Excellence In Innovation, Customer Service Excellence and many more.

We custom engrave all items as YOU choose, to suit YOUR needs.

We have the LARGEST & most DIVERSE range available anywhere.

We send Emergency ID WORLDWIDE.

Emergency ID gives life saving information and great peace of mind to you and your loved ones.

If you shop around you will clearly see that our quality and prices cannot be matched. We only provide QUALITY items backed up with our warranty and excellent customer service.

Emergency ID Australia are the WORLD LEADERS in medical alerts, medical jewellery and Emergency ID products with the most DIVERSE range available anywhere.

Our range includes Emergency ID medical bracelets, medical ID necklaces, Emergency ID Medical Pouches, Emergency ID Wallet Cards, I.C.E. Photo ID Cards, Emergency ID SPOT packs for your Car & Home, Children's medical alerts and ID products and much more!

Feel free to compare us to our competitors MedicAlert and Universal ID by viewing the comparison table on our home page.

All items are custom engraved to suit the wearers needs, FREE of charge. We recommend you have engraved your most URGENT information as a 1st priority. Keep engraving short, clear and simple as a great IMMEDIATE & instant reference.

How much can be engraved on each item depends on your chosen style - some styles have more space to engrave than others, engraving spaces available are listed on each style.

We can engrave full wording or medical abbreviations can also be used. See guides below. The less wording used the larger we can engrave.

We recommend you have engraved an I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency) phone number on the back of your item. IE who you want called in an emergency.

We also recommend that you were or carry more than 1 Emergency ID eg Emergency ID Photo Card, Emergency ID Medical Pouch, Emergency ID Write on card etc.

To check medical abbreviations please consult a health professional or here are some example sites: