Emergency ID Australia are relied on by hundreds of thousands throughout Australia, and due to popular demand we are shipping items INTERNATIONALLY. Australian quality & service now available WORLDWIDE!

We hear constantly how people receive great peace of mind that they have a QUALITY product, from a WELL KNOWN and respected brand.

Emergency ID Australia is PROUDLY 100% Australian Founded, Owned & Operated.


The Story Behind Emergency ID Australia

Nicole Graham is the founder and owner of Emergency ID Australia and commenced this business after seeing firsthand a real need for vital information to be immediately accessible.

Nicole spent 13 years in the NSW Police Force, and attended many accidents and incident where she saw how Emergency ID could greatly benefit both the patients and emergency services. Nicole left the Police suffering Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), depression and anxiety.

Nicole also had an intellectually disabled Uncle, who she grew up very closely with, who was hit and killed as a pedestrian by a drink driver. Unfortunately, he lay all night in the morgue as an unidentified person, as like many with disabilities he carried no identification to advise who he was, where he lived and who needed to be notified.

Then at the age of 34, and the Mum of 2 young children, Nicole personally experienced a serious heart condition causing her to require open heart surgery, spending time on life support and Intensive Care.

The doctor advised her to wear medical jewellery, yet the options were very limited, especially for a young person.

So, seeing a real need through various experiences, and being a very self motivated and determined person, she saw a real need for quality, stylish products at affordable prices.

Nicole started Emergency ID 10 years ago (in May 2005), with a lap top on her dining room table and just 5 terrible products.

Emergency ID Australia now has hundreds of products, and has been independently judged, winning numerous business awards, including Business Woman of The Year, Excellence In Innovation and many more. Emergency ID is the world leader in this field, with the most diverse range available ANYWHERE and continually advancing to cater to a WORLDWIDE need.

Nicole and her family recently moved to Tasmania and a year later also relocated the business. After arriving in Tasmania in December 2014 Nicole was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. She is receiving treatment for this and is now recovering well and still very passionate about Emergency ID and its benefits to all.

She definitely understands Emergency ID customers and their needs.

Nicole is a wife, mother of 3 and Speaker for beyondblue​ as she is passionate about improving mental health in Australia.

Emergency ID rarely advertises and thrives on "word of mouth" referrals from past and present customers.

Emergency ID is always creating new products to cater to a HUGE variety of needs and to drive the business well into the future.


If you were to become ill, injured or involved in an accident, emergency or medical incident would those around you know immediately who you are, who you want notified or if you have any medical conditions, allergies or medications that could affect your treatment? They would if you were wearing or carrying Emergency ID with this information available to Medical & Emergency personnel.

Thousands of people Australia wide have great peace of mind for themselves and those who care about because of Emergency ID Australia.


* FINALIST: Greater Port Macquarie Business Awards 2015
- Medical, Healthcare & Fitness

* FINALIST: NSW Business Chamber State Awards - Excellence In Innovation 2014.

* WINNER: NSW Business Chamber Regional Awards - Excellence In Innovation 2014.

* FINALIST: NSW Business Chamber Regional Awards 2014
- Excellence In Business Ethics 2014
- Business Leader 2014

* WINNER: Greater Port Macquarie Business Awards 2014 - Excellent In Innovation 2014

* FINALIST: Greater Port Macquarie Business Awards 2014
- Medical, Healthcare & Fitness
- Excellence In Innovation
- Excellence In Business Ethics
- Woman In Business

* FINALIST: Business Leader - NSW Business Chamber Regional Awards 2013

* WINNER: Medical, Healthcare & Fitness Greater Port Macquarie Business Awards 2013

* WINNER: Woman In Business Greater Port Macquarie Business Awards 2013

* WINNER: HBWN Business Owner of The Year Award 2012

* WINNER: Commonwealth Bank Greater Port Macquarie Business Awards 2012

* Judges Commendation: Hastings Business Women's Network Woman In Business Award 2012

* FINALIST: Excellence in Service Awards 2012 Wauchope Chamber of Commerce

* WINNER: Customer Care Service Excellence Awards 2011

* Finalist: Commonwealth Bank Greater Port Macquarie Business Awards 2011

Enquiries: (03) 63811223 (9am to 5pm AEST Mon-Fri).

The Emergency ID Australia logo is Trade Mark Registered ® with the Australian Government - IP Australia. This distinct and genuine logo is easily recognisable to alert medical and emergency personnel to your ID products.

We are registered with the NSW Office of Fair Trading Business Registration No: BN98356011.

We are also registered and certified with Ausbuy and licensed to use their logo on products. We trade Australia-wide.

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Emergency ID Australia is registered with the Australian Taxation Office and our Australian Business Number (ABN) is: 61 347 676 593.